For Sale.. Nokia N92 Mobile TV on the Palm of your hands...Brand New at P20,000 only!! in Malita, Davao Region for sale

For Sale.. Nokia N92 Mobile TV on the Palm of your
For Sale.. Nokia N92 Mobile TV on the Palm of your

Up for sale is a New Brand New..., Nokia N92.., for only P20k., with nokia center warranty.

With an integrated DVB-H receiver (a mobile TV broadcast technology), 802.11g Wi-fi, a 2.8 inch 240 x 320 pixel 16 million colour screen, FM Visual Radio, 2 megapixel camera and 3G connectivity, the N92 is a true top range multimedia smartphone. Nokia are using the N92 to showcase DVB-H technology, which is truly impressive, but the device has plenty to offer besides mobile TV.

The N92 offers a new design form factor – a flip and fold – with a total of four usage modes. In closed mode there is a small secondary screen that displays a limited amount of information (time, message, battery andsignal notifications). In flip-open mode the phone operates as a traditional flip phone and it fits snugly in the hand.

In capture mode, the screen is twisted around 90 degrees so that is at right angles to the keypad. The camera is located in the barrel of the hinge with a button on one end acting as the capture key. This mode has already been very popular in the 6260 and the N90 so it was good to see it included here. It makes taking pictures a much more intuitive process. Unfortunately, unlike the N90, there are no softkeys or direction pad on the screen of the phone.Consequently, it's actually quite difficult to change settings or access the menus in this mode because it's more difficult to associate the keys with the labels on the screen and the ergonomics are such that two hands are a necessity. On the plus side, the capture button is ideally located for one handed use so it should be a bit easier to take those time-critical snapshots.

The N92 runs S60 3rd Edition, which together with the underlying Symbian OS 9 is the engine behind many of the improvements found in the phone. The S60 platform team have put a lot of work into making the user interface and bundled applications generally easier to use. There are four key reasons for this. Firstly the higher screen resolution than earlier devices gives a crisper, easier to read display. 3rd Edition supports scalar vector graphics, meaning a similar physical size can be retained whatever the screen resolution.In general, a similar amount of information is shown on screen as earlier (lower resolution) devices, thus avoiding the readability issues often found in other high resolution devices. However in some instances, such as photo viewing and web browsing, the higher resolution can be used to display more information on the screen than was previously possible. Thus 3rd Edition enables the best of both worlds and makes the most of the extra screen resolution. Secondly, there have been several sensible UI design changes. These include making the height of the title/status area smaller in some instances, such as the applications view, and and the introduction of scrollbars in several areas such as in list views. Thirdly, support for a landscape view across all applications (in contrast to the N90, which was Camera and Gallery only) means users can choose the one they prefer. Certain tasks and applications have a better user experience in landscape mode, with browsing being an obvious example. Finally, many of the built-in applications have received minor updates in layout, menu structure and functionality.

The TV functionality is accessed via the Series 60 TV application when in view mode (landscape). Within this program you can easily change channel and access an ESG (electronic service guide). It is clear the device is optimised for watching TV in this mode. You can sit the N92 on a desk in front of you and adjust the viewing angle, or it will sit just as easily in the palm of the hand.
The TV picture is displayed full screen and the quality of the picture is excellent, and channel changing is near instantaneous. It is difficult to get across how good it looks without seeing it for yourself, but between the high resolution screen and the DVB-H technology, the N92 offers an unsurpassed mobile television experience. At the NMC Nokia demo we were receiving a live stream of several channels which was about 2 or 3 seconds behind traditional TV (shown on the wall). In the keynote Nokia executives talked of the convergence of the world's most popular entertainment medium (2 billion viewers) with the world's most popular communication device. It is easy to be dismissive, but seeing BBC World broadcasting live coverage of Rosa Parks funeral gave a real sense of the potential of the technology.