Phr pocketbooks in Malita, Davao Region for sale


Books by Vanessa: for only 30php plus shipping fee[/b]....
TDLH 19 Villador Villador
TDLH 30 Doctor Pancho Ventas
TDLH 31 Doctor Placido Ang
TDLH 32 Doctor Andres Fedora
TDLH 34 Doctor Elvis Zeko
TDLH 40 Ramoncito Reyna
TDLH 42: Escudero Tolindoy
TDLH 45 & 46: Rudy Buena
TDLH 51 Malvar Mercedes
TDBS 1 - Illustre Roman Marquez
TDBS 2&3 - Jaldon Miguel Contreras 1&2
TDBS 4 - Marco Amecable
TDBS 5: Lucas Arogante
TDBS 6: Alberto Zabata
TDBS 10: Alfonso De Oro
TDBS 11 & 12: Allegre Montemayor 1&2
PHR3273 Wyatt Katigbak
PHR3178 Swisso Marvel 50php
PHR3348 Alejandro Canto 50php
PHR 3295 Magsaysay Vadelles 50php
PEPPER 13 - Lumlitan
PEPPER 9&10 - Tatha 1&2
PEPPER 17 - Miles Encarnacion
PEPPER 18 - Pipay
PAGUDPUD 2 - Away Bati sa Paraiso
PAGUDPUD 3-4 - Crazy in Paradise
PAGUDPUD 5 - LLovers in Paradise
PAGUDPUD 6-7 - Sa Kabilang Panig ng Paraiso
PHR CLASSICS - Ang Pag-ibig ng Babaeng Kontrabida
Si Milagrosa at ang Prisonerong Makisig
MLMH 360: Malcolm
Ang Love Story Ni Alicia
Ang Love Story Ni Adorada
Ang Love Story Ni Mitch
Ang Love Story Ni Melody
Ang Love Story Ni Lee
Ang Love Story Ni Ebeng
Ang Love Story Ni Summer
Ang Love Story Ni Pogs 1 and 2
Waway's Romance
Mindy's Romance
Meymey's Romance
Lemonade's Romance
Kate's Romance
Natalie's Romance
Adring's Romance
Pepsi's Romance
Yve's Romance
Helen's Romance
PHR 2477 Ang Lalaking Nagmahal Sa Akin 1 and 2
PHR 2991 Venice's Lucky Saturday
Pangako Ng Pag-ibig
PHR 1236 Lumang Piso Para Sa Puso by Vanessa
Books by Martha Cecilia--30php plus shipping
With This Ring...
Only You
Be My Love, Catherine
Mga Latay Ng Pag-ibig
Leia, My Love
You're Mine, Only Mine
Almost A Fairy Tale
El Paraiso (A Special Edition - 384 pages) 60php
The Substitute Bride (A Special Edition - 384 pages) 60php
Impostor 35php
Sinner Or Saint 35php
Sweetheart 6 Mrs Winters
Books by Camilla---30php
2835 Love, Lies, And Snooky Jarlego
2839 Si Zhu Watanabe
2849 Talk About Mr. And Mrs. Elgar Morris
2875Ang Parusa Kay Krystal
cinderella 73 lovelee, the queen of hearts
PHR 3009 Theodora, The Random Wife
stan azarcon's former little sister
PHR 3036 Ang Ambisyosang Nagmahal: AJ
PHR 3037 Ang Ambisyosang Nagmahal: Kimi
PHR 2987 Super Pepang (Anghel Na Walang Pakpak)
Books by Rose Tan 30php plus shipping
SeƱorito Series 16: Don Luciano by Rose Tan
Blush- Dream On
My Golly, Wow Betsy!
Red Roses For A Blue Lady
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Bud Brothers Unlimited 8:Petunia and Fidel (Awesome Twosome)
Bud Brothers Unlimited 7:Hyacinth and the Bud Guy
Bud Brothers Unlimited 9:Holly Is Thy Name
FRUITCAKES12: Sing No Sad Songs
Fruitcakes Series 6: The Stalker by Rose Tan
Fruitcakes Series 11: Agapito Romantiko
Acc idental Bride
Ang Lihim Ng Bahaghari
Oop s!
First Love Swear (Stronger Than A Promise, Deeper Than A Dare)
Ang Tigang na Puso Ni Purita
Ang Dalagang Bukid
Prinsesang Kokak
OTHERS: 20php plus shipping fee
The Dream Team Series 7: Kyle Dee by Almira Jose
PHR 2863 Love Adventure by Heart Yngrid
PHR 3010 CK, The Director by Sheena Rose
PHR 2983 Nakaw Na Pag-ibig by Kayla Caliente
PHR 1121 Paano Susuklian Ang Pag-ibig? by Noelle Arroyo
CIN 72 Maja, The Foxy Princess by Heart Yngrid
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price is negotiable depends on the quantity of your order
To those who are going to buy at least 150 pcs, assorted, I could give it to u for only 15php each..[b]